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Buy your DoTERRA Essential Oils through us.

Why we use DoTERRA Essential Oils in all our products.

In a market where every company claims to have “pure” essential oils, how do you really know if the oils you’re using are pure? How do you know if the essential oils you’re buying are worthy of being used by you and your family? 

Pure essential oils have an incredible potential to soothe, support, and revive you and your loved ones in a completely natural way. If you want the best essential oils, find out if the company you plan to buy from takes the following precautions to ensure the quality of their oils: 

  • Sustainable and responsible sourcing (Where do their oils come from?)

  • Extensive and thorough testing (Do they test their oils for adulteration and contamination?)

  • Clear and accessible safety and usage information (Do they show customers how to use the oils safely?)

  • Transparency (Do they use third-party testing? Do they make test results public?)


The benefits of using 100% Pure Essential oils

Our unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest botanicals from around the world, coupled with rigorous Certified Pure Tested Grade standards, ensures each drop is a concentrated masterpiece of nature. Unlike others, doTERRA's ethical partnerships with growers empower communities and uphold sustainable practices. With doTERRA, you're not just choosing essential oils – you're embracing a holistic journey of wellness, backed by science, and crafted with a deep respect for the planet and its inhabitants.

What is the Value of Pure Essential Oils?

Each essential oil undergoes stringent testing to meet the Certified Pure Tested Grade standards, ensuring potency and effectiveness. Sourcing from diverse global communities supports fair wages and sustainable practices. This level of dedication translates to oils that are not only potent but also safe for various applications. doTERRA's premium pricing is a reflection of their unparalleled commitment to quality, purity, and ethical sourcing. While the initial cost may be higher, the unmatched quality, results, and support from a community of users make doTERRA oils a worthy investment in your well-being.

doTERRA essential oils offer a myriad of uses to elevate your daily life. From aromatic bliss to promoting emotional wellness, these potent extracts from nature can transform your self-care routine. Whether for aromatherapy, skincare, or creating a serene environment, doTERRA's versatile oils empower you to harness the power of nature in diverse and meaningful ways.

Why doTERRA Oils Are So Expensive, But Worth Every Penny!

At doTERRA, we often encounter the question: "Why are your essential oils pricier than others?" The answer, in short, lies in our commitment to purity, sourcing, and overall quality.

  1. Unmatched purity: doTERRA's Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) ensures that every bottle of oil you purchase is free from fillers, synthetic ingredients, and harmful contaminants. This stringent testing standard is unmatched in the industry. When you invest in doTERRA, you're paying for purity.

  2. Ethical sourcing: Our essential oils are sourced from over 40 countries, many of which are developing nations. Through our co-impact sourcing model, we establish direct partnerships with local farmers. This not only guarantees the highest quality oils but also supports sustainable farming practices and provides fair wages, ensuring a positive socio-economic impact on local communities.

  3. Potency and efficacy: The benefits of essential oils are directly related to their purity and quality. doTERRA's oils are potent, ensuring that users get the maximum benefit from each drop. This potency can actually lead to cost savings in the long run, as less oil is required for each application.

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