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Ubuntu Africa Beauty was created by my love for essential oils. As a wellness practitioner my passion was to help people on their wellness journey's with the most natural solutions. My love for 100% pure therapeutic graded essential oils has come a long way, over 13 years of learning and understanding how amazing these little bottles of magic are for our heath and well-being.

As a model for many years when I was much younger, I was able to use all kinds of products keeping my skin at its best. But found that many I used worked for a while then stopped working for my skin. Many may frown but to this day I use pure glycerine soap to clean my face. If you use a very good quality glycerine soap it should not dry out your skin.

The products we have started with sprung from my own need to make products for myself whilst making sure they had the most natural ingredients in them. They started working so well for me we decided to started making them so more people could benefits from the amazing essential oils we use as the secret ingredients in each of our products.

Face Cream
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